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Product manager : A strategic role

Product manager

A strategic role

Faced with the pressures exerted by the multiplication of competition, the shorter and shorter life cycle of products and the need to create a product experience for increasingly heterogeneous customers, companies must innovate by offering distinctive products with high added value. In this context, product management is an essential function that is gaining popularity in proactive companies.

Understand, integrate and support this key innovation function!


The contribution of a well-equipped product manager within a product development team helps, among other things, align product development with the company’s strategy and market opportunities. This strategic contribution is a definite asset in the context where maintaining a leadership position is a major challenge for companies.


The objective of this program is to train and equip product managers so that they can effectively guide the development of new products in their company, positively influence the results and contribute to the sustainability of the company’s offer.


  • Learn about the strategic role and benefits of the Product Manager role
  • Reduce the time and cost of new product development (NPD) projects
  • Propose a relevant and scalable marketing strategy for NPD projects
  • Develop products that meet market needs
  • Prioritize higher potential products
  • Identify unmet market opportunities
  • Launch new products successfully
  • Ensure the evolution and the performance of your product and service offering with good end-of-life management

WORKSHOP 1 | Strategic role of the product manager in company (3 hours)

  • Define the role of the product manager based on your current organizational structure and the types of interactions in a project.
  • Distinguish the work required of the product manager in a NPD situation and in the management of the product portfolio.
  • Recognize the soft skills to develop to successfully manage the various stakeholders’ expectations.

WORKSHOP 2 | The role of the product manager through the new product development process (NPDP) and portfolio management (3 hours) 

  • Identify the different roles of the product manager in a structured NPDP and portfolio management process.
  • Plan and improve your project’s kick-off to ensure an effective integration of the stakeholders.
  • Adapt and control the development of the marketing plan to ensure a successful product launch.
  • Balance your actions based on the outcomes and the product life cycle to maintain a balanced product portfolio.

WORKSHOP 3 | Building a good business case (3 hours)

  • Analyze relevant information to properly define the potential of a concept.
  • Formulate the right assumptions based on risks and forecasts to assess different and realistic financial scenarios.
  • Present your arguments to positively influence the final decision.

WORKSHOP 4 | The marketing mix strategy (3 hours)

  • Identify the different steps to build a solid marketing mix strategy.
  • Understand the importance of 4P consistency in developing a marketing mix strategy.
  • Apply marketing mix concepts from real business data to integrate a working method.
  • Develop a launch plan for a new product.
  • Plan a product withdrawal and coordinate its execution with the various intermediaries and stakeholders.

WORKSHOP 5 | Research techniques to identify the right opportunities (3 hours)

  • Recognize the importance of the marketing research at the different stages of a NPDP.
  • Differentiate between exploration and validation methods to get the right information.
  • Identify and use the different marketing research methods to obtain the desired results.
  • Apply good product development research practices to identify business opportunities.


  • Five (5) online workshops for a duration of 15 hours
  • Action training with team exercises
  • Realistic case studies
  • Exchanges with peers
  • Tool kit


Nathalie Gauthier, Senior Advisor at the IDP

This innovation practitioner has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, innovation, marketing, R&D and consumer research. During her career in various companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Agropur, Cascades and St-Hubert, she has implemented innovation systems that have significantly contributed to accelerate the marketing of new products and improve their success rate, while ensuring that the organization remains focused on customer needs.



Jonathan Levesque, INO

“I appreciated the content of this training which answered many of my questions. She confirms that I am in the right place in my company and that there is great potential for development and accomplishment.”

Frédéric Gagnon, Equiparc

“The importance of the position of Product Manager as a function” touches on everything in each department. It’s an opening to a real product development strategy.”

Patricia Mclean, Prelco

“A good facilitator who caught my attention. I had already received a lot of training on the subject, and I learned new things.”


Who is the program for?

  • Innovation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product / Project Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Industrial Designer


  • March 12th, 19th and 26th ;  April 16th and 23rd 2025
    From 9:00 to noon


Five (5) virtual meetings of three hours each.
A fifteen (15) hour training certificate will be given to participants at the end of the program.


  • $1,500* ($1,650) | Member
  • $1,650* ($1,800) | Non-member

*Early bird discount – Limited Time : February 14th, 2025

Group Discount | Get 10% on registration of two (2) or more participants

All expenses included (documentation, access to our online learning platform and breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks during face-to-face workshops). Taxes not included.



  • Eligible for the Continuing Education Regulation of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.The Product Development Institute (IDP) is an organization accredited by Emploi-Québec and its training is eligible under the Act to promote the development of the Québec workforce.For more information, visit: Financial support >